Guidance of Kashiwazaki practice

1116 January(Wood)This season's first in Kashiwazaki Aqua Park
Practice the Board of curling seminar was held。

Curling classroom that had been carried out until last year as curling workshop
The first takes place in the plans of 30 minutes to 20 hours 30 minutes 19:00 Thursday of each month
We continue to practice meeting will be held from the workshop 20:00 30 minutes after the end。

Practice session of the day because had less participants、In the center throw
And to brush the weight sensation、Now practice with an emphasis on release。

The exact delivery in longing is still cool form。
In order to approach the delivery of ideal envision of their own
Only single-mindedly there practice。

Practice Association and the next seminar will be on December 7 (Thursday)。
Workshops will start 30 minutes at 19。
Application has been accepted at the aqua park than two weeks before the scheduled date。

For practice meetings but is from 20:30、This is OK in the day of Registration。
Training session、Also participated in any practice meeting expenses 1 hour 500 yen。
Participation of both continued for two hours is also a big welcome。
Please feel free to join us。We look forward to。

Workshops of acceptance and inquiries →柏崎アクアパーク
Practice Association of application → day can be accepted (Contact Kashiwazaki Curling Club Koike Nakano)

(Text and photo / Nakano)