Kashiwazaki Exercise 2016.11.10

Kashiwazaki City ice rink was held the first practice sessions this season from open。
Practice participants in this day five people and fewer。
From the boss we are going to support the Pacific-Asia Championships
Instructions and to focus on training for the line and the weight is ...

First, create a gate side by side two stone

Two side-by-side is practiced through the stone and body to avoid contact with stones。

While worrying about the delivery of the line
Quite this is difficult when it comes pay attention also to the weight。
And at both ends of the stone eyes had gone、Stone to delivery is
You hit like to be attracted。
Weight will be unstable and if you care about the only line to say whether。


Everyone is throwing in order to measure the clock to each other、
Trying soaked a sense of weight
It is single-mindedly throw continue very sober practice。



This day was the practice menu of the delivery center for were few participants。
Also I want to do the practice sessions with the contents in accordance with the number of people the next time。
Plan your practice on Thursday evening once a month in Kashiwazaki。
Although we separate announcement about the training of the next December
Please come by all means also practice of Kashiwazaki If you fit is convenient。
Inexperienced person、Visit also welcome! Look forward to Mars。