Fall League Section 4

11Month 15 days held from 7:30 pm。

Favorite to win the largest of the Devil Sweepers is we have at last escaped finished the middle game。In the runaway state of with a two-win edge to the other team、Checkmate to victory, leaving the remaining 2 Section。The next section、 It will determine the winner if you win the game with ICE CUBE。What really ICE CUBE can prevent the victory。The other three teams dumpling state for。2Place the following order does not understand at all, depending on the next two races。

League remaining 1 month。Devil Sweepers boasts a sweeping force of the league's premier 、Golden Jays talent population rival 、Balanced Stone Circle of balance from veteran to rookie 、Costumes selling ICE CUBE 、Each of which exhibits a characteristic、Let's fight the Christmas month of climax。

Fall league standings

Fall League Match Result