The 9th was the Kashiwazaki-held open curling tournament!

9th Kashiwazaki open curling tournament in two days Watari Kashiwazaki Aqua Park ice rink of November 8 (Saturday) to 9 (Sunday) was held。
You will be given the berth of the "fourth times Shinshu curling Grand Prix" is the winning team in this tournament。

Participating teams Kanagawa Prefecture、Nagano Prefecture、Each one team and Niigata from Toyama Prefecture to entry are a total of seven teams of four teams、And we Welcome also participants as a helper far from Aomori。

Match Result won the Kanagawa Prefecture team "Yokohama farfetch'd"。
"Okayasanso CC" second place in Nagano Prefecture、Niigata Prefecture "team wound" was finished in third place。

Niigata Prefecture vigor many who began this spring、As in the game it can challenge the game until the last、Gave the organization of the team members thought the balance。
Figure that had been working in the game focused and without giving up the team that defeated the winning team until the end was impressive。
In the tournament over two days、Is one reception (social gathering) is also fun to be carried out in the middle。
It was seen many figure that deepen social gathering such as the exchange of information among participants in the prefecture outside the prefecture in the banquet hall, which was conducted in the evening of the first day of the competition。
Also seems to be expected development of exchanges between the future of the team。

Also I think that ever been those who first saw the preparatory work of the curling sheet (it is the curling lane) prior to the tournament。Also made up with the cooperation of each team tournament management。
Experience I would like to take advantage in the dissemination and promotion of the future of the level up and curling in this tournament。

Finally Kashiwazaki Aqua Park Upon holding of the tournament and the Niigata Prefecture Curling Association、Competitions and fulfilling by the cooperation of the Kashiwazaki-ice Federation and Okaya Curling Federation would like to thank that can be held。

The following is a state in the tournament。
It is under preparation work on making the curling sheet。
Curling that Ice King is Seikori machine。
Trimmed and shaved the ice surface at the edge of the tip。



Create a pebble sprinkling water on the ice surface。
Small water droplets from such nozzle of the watering can will make a grain of fine ice on the ice surface belching。
People who have a clock to finish becomes uniform becomes a pacemaker、Read aloud the number of seconds
Keep the speed to walk on to certain。



And prepares in the instrument of nippers after sprinkled Pebble。
But sharpen the ice surface in the blade is the same as the Ice King、This is used in the work of finishing in the hand
Are you。



It is the last of the finish。
Stone side-by-side by pulling to the left and finish rang a particle of ice。
In sheepskin, such as the mop from the right、We will wipe the shaved ice。
There is a rough description、Curling sheet has been made by these tasks。



The game is the start。
Is the battle between Niigata Prefecture biased。
Seriously itself without each other refrain pardon。



Okayasanso CC of attack。
This is now taking care of my husband in the curling sheet making。



Attack of Yokohama duck green onions。



When the shot is determined it comes out also guts pose。



It is sweeping feel the strength。



Will this Looking at the sweeping from the side。
There are powerful when viewed up close。



It is a powerful backer of from Aomori。
Toka's ultimate weapon of the team wound、Otherwise Toka ...






Do not be fooled by the name。



Commemorative photo with a Koshihikari prizes
High-spirited of Skip shout'd tournament most。



Commemorative photo in Niigata members that started from this spring
(But are also mixed veteran)
But was Welcome also the first one was Ika enjoying boost the tournament。



Commemorative photo after closing。
Is a sport that Kisoeru enjoy together also in a wide range of ages。
Please try carrying a leg up by all means link if you are interested。