21th Central Championship

平成27年1月22日(Wood)From the 25th(Day)、The 21st Chubu Championship is held at Karuizawa Ice Park、Two teams from Niigata, "Team Niigata" and "Asahi Alex Niigata", participated.。Team Niigata loses qualifying、Asahi Alex Niigata passed 2nd place in qualifying、The result was 4th in the playoff tournament.。

Various things happen at the competition。It ’s good or bad.、You may or may not be able to exert your usual strength ...。It was good point、Accept the bad points、Use this as food for the future、Let's continue to strengthen our strength little by little。

Both teams represent the prefecture、He fought with all his might。4Long street of the day、It was really cheers for good work。



Team Niigata—————————————–

● 3-9 love to meet Li Works shop

● 4-6 Qing Wells CC Tokorozawa

● 1-13 Qing well Kanazawa WILE

● 9-10 team Marukyo(愛知)

Qualifying League Result 0 wins and 4 losses


Asahi Alex Niigata——————————–

○ 9-7 Toyama centaur

○ 8-7 team Matsuya(Nagano)

● 4-15 Qing well Kanazawa ZERATH

○ 13-7 Aichi TeamAzuls

Qualifying League Result 3 wins and 1 loss



Asahi Alex Niigata——————————-

● 4-10 Qing well Kanazawa WILE

● 6-10 Qing well Kanazawa ZERATH

Playoff tournament result fourth place


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