The 3rd Niigata blood type player Quan

2018. April 29,(Day)、The third time Niigata blood type Championship was held this year。Also participated as a helper on the day before the Beginners CUP was Association Member、Participation while becomes exhausted at the tired。Guest curler also joins us from outside the prefecture、I enjoyed this event of the year 1 in the total of 16 persons。

Even type B this year and the two teams、A、O type each 1 team。Unfortunately AB type team is not participating this year。It is expected to Pyeongchang generation next year。League in even 60 minutes 4 end game this year of the game。I fight to win in a points system。



Match Result All teams raise the Kachiboshi、Large melee that there are no undefeated team。Narrow margin in the won a victory、A type team that has been licking the last two tournaments continuous the lowest and the bitter experience。While minority in Niigata、Long-awaited first victory。It is Admirable。

Runner BⅡ type team。

Regrettably the third largest BⅠ type team that was defeated at the end of the order determining rock-paper-scissors game。

The 4-position of the O-type team。


A In the past three tournaments to be good、B、O type was won once。It is the year of the game next year。I mean、Resulting in at least Niigata、Blood type in curling is irrelevant?


Everyone who participated to slow time、Thank you very much。Your operations staff、Cheers for good work was was。

Appeal to their blood type。