6th 24 hours curling Festival Participation Report

It is KBS of Niigata Prefecture Curling Association (Fukushima Minami Soma Branch)。

On this occasion、Individual participation in the 24-hour curling festival sponsored by Morioka Curling Club
I've been。

This curling festival also celebrated the 6th、Saturday, August 26th, 4pm to 27th
It was held until 4 pm (Sun)。

It became a meeting place "Michinoku Coca Cola Bottling link (Morioka ice rink)" is、Sheng
Located at the west exit of Oka Station、Park near、Art gallery、And Arena type of gymnasium。

This time、"1st Iwate Prefectural High School OB Curling Championship" from 6:00 am on Sunday, 27th
I will participate as a member of the team outside the prefecture、I had a good time
It was。
Of the more open high school OB tournament、Iwate Prefecture Curling I admire the size of the population
I couldn't help it。

Morioka began to Jo Morioka in the city、Old atmosphere such as Bank of Iwate Red Brick Building
There are many buildings with、It is quite quaint nice town。
It is also competitions such as Victoria Cup、
Why not also visited a tourist not curling only。

Finally、Even though I participated for the first time, it was very kind
We would like to thank everyone at the Morioka Curling Club.、
I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart。