Sasa dumpling CUP Closing。Thank you very much。

2017 June 3(Soil)To 4 days(Day)Was held in Niigata Asahi Alex Ice Arena "The first Kaisasa dumpling CUP Niigata curling tournament"Is no longer available plain closing Thanks。

Though not even a small tournament of the first times、We had the participation of 12 teams from all over the country。Now it becomes a curler's a familiar face outside the prefecture around Niigata curler、I think that was a feature of the tournament's were many union team with you of other prefectures。

Competition from the league by one by three teams、4All the teams five games of the ranking determination league of each team。Block and nightSandwiching the held the Niigata specialty "late-night reception" in but was forced schedule of two days、Joining us all to the end of the awards ceremony、Thank you very much。Since the autumn will be held also Niigata Open curling tournament 3rd、Also please come by all means to play。

Also everybody was your cooperation in the tournament Niigata Asahi Alex Ice Arena、Now care。Your operations staff、Thank you for your hard work。


※大会宛に祝電をいただき、Thank you very much。Since we did not have your name of the sender like、If you are your clue I ask that you please let me know at:。