Karuizawa open reporting (score postscript)

1January 9(Soil)~ 11(月)、This report was held in Karuizawa Ice Park "Karuizawa open" of participation。Participated in the team name "Echigoya" from Niigata。

Qualifying league first game P.B Yamanashi game 8-1 win

Qualifying League second match T AyuHaru 510 races 7-0 win

Qualifying League third match Ueno ascending Asama game 5-2 win

Finals tournament first round Rhodonite game 1-2 defeated




Qualifying League first place passed in the march forward! Despite narrowly losing to Rhodonite Nagano Junior in the finals tournament、They told me to leave the majestic KOs that tournament Best9。Also during this tournament、There is also such as the events of the public wedding, etc. as part of the Karuizawa Winter Festival、It seems to have been plenty of tournament。Everyone of the participants、Thank you for your hard work。

It is as public wedding →Karuizawa Wedding Association