Karuizawa open reporting 2

Reports arrived from Niigata Prefecture Curling Association is dedicating photographer N, who rushed to the support to local。Thank you!


This time although I was not able entry、
Departure for Karuizawa at six in the morning of the tournament second day I think if Ne at least go to cheer。
Somehow we arrived in time to the first game start。

Entry number of teams in the 36、Compete in the nine qualifying league towards the Main Draw。
Lineup also various There is only an open tournament。
Some famous powerhouse team、Also ... the place which faces in the hurriedly constructed team towards this tournament
I do not know the team name、Contestants are those who are never seen somewhere here and there ...
Also from Niigata Prefecture Association was crowned by an entry on a business trip cheer to Fukushima one person。

1-Ueno row Asama warfare
Team that was gotten by fighting in the backer of last year's staff team of Yamabiko cup in Okaya
It is。
Was he working hard in 3 people。
Game after photos Karuizawa open reporting(Score postscript) Please refer to the。10"Ueno row Asama" warfare

10"Ueno row Asama" game add photo

DKC's also smile 2 any time
It was war, "it tears leaving laughter Do I vsDKC" in the two next to the Echigoya vs Ueno ascending Asama warfare。
It seems the game result is lost、This smile!
Next also Let's luck!30DKC of smile any time

3-Fukushima Yamamoto's a business trip
This is a business trip to Fukushima from Niigata。50Yamamoto's Fukushima during business trip

4-Fukushima Kobayashi in business trip (left sweeper)
This is a business trip to Fukushima from Nagano。
I really I like curling with Mr. Yamamoto also Kobayashi also 2 people。
Everyone of other prefectures、Please put your voice if you have players dispatch request(Lol)60Kobayashi's left of the sweeper also Fukushima during business trip

5-dimeglumine vs Chiba MIX commemorative photo
Everyone、Please come by all means also in Chiba (incidentally of Tokyo Disneyland)!
Did that with、You are after all I'm curling than Disneyland?70Dimeglumine vs Chiba MIX

6 over here from Fukushima "ZENOAQ ☆ san"
Kyoto AvsZENOAQ ☆ is one piece of war。
Also our Come to Niigata in practice and tournament。80Here also from Fukushima "Mr. ZENOAQ"

7 neighboring prefecture of Toyama entry in Ishiguro's car
Also in Toyama Association's we have taken one since I have been to your care。90Neighboring prefecture of Toyama is an entry in the "Ishiguro car"

8-Rhodenite warfare
First we took the KoOsamu。40Versus "Rhodenite" warfare

9-Rhodenite war end
Game is after the end of。
It had been eagerly discussed about the remorse and the future challenges of the game after this。20After the game with Rhodenite

We saw in Karuizawa Ice Park of the toilet (it is for men)
JBS(stock)Is "JBS heart of haiku" Mr. Nippon Building Systems
I see、It is a phrase that can be seen for those who have been the ice make。100Haiku in toilet

Here you will know even those who do not know the ice make。
Do not even out to wide to narrow。
By the way, the wait and we age is slower (rude!)110Haiku at 2 toilets

12-Is the toast at the reception。
Over there does not appear in many。120Toast at the reception

13-At the reception
Again this is fun。
How was Mr. Yamamoto?(Lol)130At the reception

14- Relaxed to chat in
Or topic today's game、Or will it in the future of the tournament。
It does not run out the story。140During the chat to peaceful

In This time, take a comprehension about the photo (taken likely) thing
We were allowed to introduce with。

This time I received allowed depend on support、I want to entry in the player the next time。
It was reported in the photo above。