Karuizawa open curling tournament

2015 January 10 from (Saturday) over 12 days (month)、I participated in Karuizawa open which was held in Karuizawa Ice Park。Our representative "team Niigata" is、It has been good fight with improvised team。

1March 10(Soil)

First qualifying match ● 4-4 wait Japan (Okayama) ※ at SD。

Qualifying the second game ○ 9-0 T AyuHaru (Yamanashi Junior)

1March 11(Day)

Qualifying third game ● 0-6 Rodeo ☆ Star (Kyoto)

Qualifying fourth game ● 1-3 Baila (Tokyo Women's)

1March 12(月)

Qualifying fifth game ● 4-4 toujours (Karuizawa junior women) ※ at SD。


Although we showed our best in everywhere such as pull apart the defending champion team、In qualifying league one win and four losses 5 and will、Unfortunately, the final tournament appearances did not become。

Everyone of we have hosted the tournament Karuizawa Curling Club and tournament officials、Thank you for all the help you have given me。In a lot of strong teams、I was allowed to learn a lot of things。Thank you for the fun tournament。





Qualifying league result ↓


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