I participated in Karuizawa mix open tournament。


2016 June 11, 2011(Soil)~ 12(Day)To have been held in Karuizawa Ice Park in the "17th Karuizawa mix open curling tournament"、4Tune from Niigata we were allowed to participate。This day has been held charming workshop in Iwate、I got the invitation from the previous association members also to Niigata、This time, there may be here was already the previously determined、Participation did not come true。When the time is not displaced ...。Although the Ofushizu、There are events here and there。Thankfully。

This day is also accepted that the minutes to 8 at 10 am、Members are set to 4 am 40 minutes to Niigata city。It is truly sleepy。But recently also climbing day if Sugire the 4:00 am、It has become quite bright。Buying spree rice morning whether even this First at convenience stores、It goes up to a high-speed。P6110555


White RingP6110567

Looking at the convenience store of brown、I feel that I wonder came to Karuizawa。2Although came even before the week。I think even my me, "Are a Favorite Dondake curling?"。P6110569



Competition "with fancy dress" this time。4Tune is a rather、It is a specialty towards here than curling。Team that won the costume department by a vote of the participants、Regardless of the qualifying league resultsFinal tournamentYou can proceed to。In a short period of time every one also that the two weeks of 4Tune、Preparation of costumes in the curling of practice Sotchinoke、It was the adjustment。For the previous year participation at the time of the concept also did not have a sense of unity in pieces、This time, providing a theme in consultation within the team、To breast awareness as a representative Niigata、Were efforts team united。

Makeup before the game is also carefully。P6110570

The tournament is divided into five league all 20 teams、Only six teams of the top each one team and fancy dress winning team will be able to proceed to the next day of the final league。

The theme of our team is "Heidi, Girl of the Alps."。This tournament is the position now(↓)Lineup 、Let's try!

リード(V) Clara Zezeman
セカンド Alm Onji
サード Heidi
force(S) Peter




Qualifying league first gameP6110571Despite their suffering to the lack of coordination costume、The middle to make a big end、Somehow win。


To noon I went because there was a popular ramen shop near。However、Emergency arrived to try a large matrix! Our time is limited give up the shop、Well stability of where I am allowed to use to this shop。Because it was recently long silence、We were allowed to enjoy after a long time。Shops of the matrix next to Let's re-try!P6110572

Back to hurry Ice Park、Qualifying League second match。Corner of the opponent is a potential winner、Knight Scoop's。P6110575As you can see、Large crushing defeat and continue to be steel。But I just want to say because the stomach was full、It is due obviously ability。

Qualifying League third game of retaken care。Aim the qualifying league second place。P6110576The first half of a good tune。The second half of flap。Picturesque reversal losing。However、This is also a merit Street。

The match venue is like this (↓)。Since the costume has the tournament of、You can see the attire of the team that elaborate various tastes。Introducing the only part。









3In no time the day is also dark and if we also match、Night Ice Park。Reception also here have been made this time。P6110598

It was a football outside of the ground。P6110597

I like tummy。First Haragoshirae。P6110603

4Tune was happy to take a representative players and photos of a certain country。P6110601

Also brazen ask、Me to meet without unpleasant face one。It is a very good person。P6110602

Our purpose of this(?)But is the costume department is、Lobbying(?)Or if there Kai、It was how to win。Photos of the award ceremony every time familiar take impairing。2The difference between the positions is that it was a just one vote。By the way, second place T-Gene's(↓)。As you can see、It completely defeated Quality。13442400_380761128714447_5575409634825285554_n



Other also Toka such cool teamP6110600

It had been played until the team of this gorgeous members。P6110611

Whats up respectable shield。P6120557

And extra prize of winning dining credit。P6110609

And various events。Rock, paper, scissors tournament by a team representative。This person is the first round of the opponent of our team。Go for it! Peter!P6110612

Jean! Ken! Pong! Losing。P6110613

As a further Nagano Curling Association facebook "Like" 800 reviews Memorial、800+α "Like" the Peter whats a good thing in a glance。P6110615

protein。It seems that "more Kitaero"。P6110616


Bitter tighten。P6110617

after that、2 at the inn for granted next meeting。Many people have please come to play。P6110618Valuable story I had also let。Everyone、Until the late-term relationship under ..、Thank you very much。And hear the talk、So is it is there quite that is willing to look at this homepage in other prefectures。Everyone、Thank you!


Day 2。Mount Asama of the day。P6120620

And watching the summit free telescope that is installed in the inn of the veranda。wire、It is disturbing。P6120622


Because we won the costume department、Advanced to the fortunate final tournament 4Tune。Indeed "fortune of luck." 。Face is vivid。Become a seed、Second round, which was the tournament opener is、It is suddenly the semi-finals。Knight Scoop who was beaten to Kotenpan yesterday opponent。Never losing streak to the same opponent (do not want to) as 4Tune is、It is definitely the place you want to revenge。P6120628Did you lose the name plate of the resounded、We have to losing streak。I mean、Unable to compete with the。

It has been found nameplate、Third-place match started off with retaken care。P6120629Hammered continue to be made the big end。


After the end of the whole trial together、Appeared human curling。P6120630



Draw success to splendid button!P6120633

Cheers for good work。P6120634

How、Sweeper was this person。P6120635


Tournament of last long-awaited draw game。Delivery participants by 4 people&To sweep、Decide the Winner。P6120637

Master Go for it!P6120638Happens to a child is to opponent、We have lost what upset。

4Futari topped the first round in Tune。P6120645

1Mustering the "healing of the wall" is round topped players。P6120647

Followed by the second round。P6120648

People who survive in truly is、Everyone is a great degree of accuracy。P6120649

P6120650There was no winners from our team unfortunately。

Finally, in Minna。P6120653

's It this time in this。And the Ice Park after。P6120655

Individual soft-serve ice cream、It does not take off。P6120656

Will be feeling that Do came back with the sea is visible。P6120657




Our final results of this fourth place (how nice to say I Do?)。Winning Knight Scoop's。Runner RENTO Mr.。Third place Ban'naguro Mr.。Everyone、Congratulations。

Also it becomes indebted to a lot of people this time、We were able to spend happily thanks。Dense 2 days、You can enjoy the curling both physically and mentally。And sweep until it stops the body to good old、I'm glad to have met curling that can be addressed to put a poultice to the body。Everyone who have taught this kind of world、Thank you very much。Coming week、Niigata curler will bother you in Okaya。Your tournament officials、Everyone of the participants、Nice to meet you。

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