Qing Well Kanazawa exercise will

2017 January 3、I made a practice meeting with volunteers in Niigata Prefecture Association。Although it is in the New Year、There is also that the Central Championship that close、Practice location to extend the leg in Karuizawa Ice Park。There is no more place in the beginning curling。Participants IMI、UEH、GAIN、TO、KWT、KHR、KBS、And SKM、Any inferior unexpected Kabaka 8 people。Passion for curling、I think from the approach、Kabaka degree of all 10-point scale。Perhaps Kabaka of the prefecture this Apartments would be top 8。By the way, this one more than half、Also competed in Karuizawa open this weekend。

Forcibly packed eight to usual No. 4Tune、Starting Niigata early in the morning。Although snow also had quite a per Myoko、This street Karuizawa。Very cold but、Snow There is almost no。Pick-up is always a big triangle of eaves as。p1030556


It had been carried out tournament of students of speed skating in the outdoor skating rink。p1030565


Are decorated reception Kagamiishi(?)。Under an ordinary stone、Above it seems to Stone for Junior。I did not know say there would be for Junior。p1030562

Louisa-chan。... Louisa-kun? Which one would be。p1030563


Get in and during practice from the top teams also New Year of Japan。this month、It'll Japan Championship。We also practice with the help of next sheet。Is your neighbor players、Maybe it was curious to stabilizer of IMI's example。"Do not do it、I wonder if I thought Niigata "。p1030561

The first half is shot practice in a team from their delivery practice。The second half intrasquad game 8 end。Passed four hours scheduled in the twinkling of an eye、This practice Exit。p1030575

this(↓)What but can see what。Shame、I saw the first time。(Photo of the answer is bottom)p1030567

4Not enough servants in the practice of the time、Even more to practice for two hours at additional。It is truly a total of 80 points the strong man who。After all, a dedicated sheet rates and affordable。p1030570







68 person group was satisfied that doing practice time is dinner temple return。Since the day was finished in Tekito in between practice、Stomach has been reduced。Ahn pie to this shop。It is not a "big tree Yarawan"。p1030581

To wait a little at just the time zone in which congestion。As usual outside is frigid。Women the two of you will be waiting in。p1030582-2

Curling may be to return finally is also satisfied stomach。Although the right next to the prefecture、It was a hard schedule。But practice in the ice park, which is also the middle of championship venue to enjoyed very、There is also a variety of discovery、It came Kai was in enough。Your Ice Park、Thank you very much。KWT's the beginning of the driver、Everyone of the participants、Thank you for your hard work。Let's do our best toward the championship in the future。p1030587


A little while ago of photos of the answer is、Second floor of the Ice Park is the ceiling of the "Fureai Hall"。After looking up from beneath、It looked different views。p1030568