Kanto Chubu Curling Championships

2014 September 27-28、I participated in was held in Karuizawa Ice Park "Kanto Chubu Curling Championships 2014"。

Tokyo、Kanagawa、Chiba、Aichi、Nagano、Toyama、Men from Niigata eight teams、Women's 4 teams competed。The team of Niigata was the men's 8 team in sixth place with one win and three losses。It is regrettable but、This is the current ability。technology、Well as differences in physical fitness、The difference between the play of accuracy was confronted vividly。This was the bread、Let's raise the step-by-step level。

The reception was held in the evening of the first day、Appeal to an increase in Niigata Prefecture athlete、We received the word of cheer from the team of other prefectures。I think that when you're in the hope that come to more and more game from outside the prefecture in the future。