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2017 October 14(Soil)From 15 days(Day)3rd Kanto Chubu Senior Curling Championships in Niigata Asahi Alex Ice Arena over the was held。Everyone of the participants、Thank you very much。And everyone of the top finishers、congratulations。The higher-level women's 1 team、Men's two teams、He won a berth as the Central District representative Kanto in the 15th Japan Senior Curling Championships to be held in Hokkaido Moseushi in February next year。We look forward to your success in this war。

This tournament without any major accident Thanks、We were able to finish a successful tournament。I'm really thankful to you。Since held in Niigata in the Kanto Chubu district northernmost、I apologize very much hardship to everyone for your participation from afar。Also、It tournament is a championship of Niigata inaugural now、There is also not a curling dedicated facility、I think there was also that they do not prudent、We believe Yukitai taking advantage as the future of the reflection material。

And everyone of management staff、Thank you for all the help you have given me。Dedicated facility at the beginning of your ice maker in charge of that made me the ice that does not unfavorably、All of you who support management、I'm really thankful to you。



[Department of Women's]

優勝  Curling Sisters

Runner-up Aichi senior

[Department of men's]

It won Chiba G-DREAM

Runner-Karuizawa ZEARTH

# 3 Tokyo

# 4 Miyota Patriot

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