June 6 Association practice



Will be this month than weekly Association practice and league concurrent held。Delivery practice of T → Hogg 3.2 seconds in the practice sheet for this day、Practice of line two、I was doing a take practice and a lot of menu。

In the league sheet "AMG48 × Nature"、Two games of the "team Kashiwazaki × KITS" was held。League also joined veterans than the current fiscal year、It will be a more fruitful tournament for us Niigata curler。1To the calling eyes of team veterans is applied just to name a few this week、Niigata urging has been done to Kotenpan。1Year is a result been practicing desperately in Niigata。Still the difference is large、No hidden above the clouds。However、Because we have a great pains familiar nice sample、Thanks to this rich environment、Let's do our best so as to obtain a little, even a lot of harvest。

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