July 4th Association practice


This week Thank you for participating in the person of the four survivors。It became a very busy practice sessions thanks。recently、We have participated in the people from the survivors and other prefectures as every week、I'm happy as long as is。It also accepted at any time experience of inexperienced person in the Niigata Prefecture Curling Association。1Since it is a time of 500 yen、Please come feel free to in the trial mood (reservations required)。Fun of curling、I do not know and do not try。

League Section 4 becomes a hurriedly postponed by members lack "SUBERU Ladies vs. Nature"、Only one game of "KITS pair Muikamachi"。Simply by the number of wins since the ranking is determined、Without also discouraging team losing by a wide margin、Let's do our best for the next game。