Announcement of "GW curling tournament"

It is a guide of the curling event。
It will be held as mini-game tournament of the following。
When the day May 3(Sunday)
  時  間   午後7時15分~午後10時半
  場  所   アサヒアレックスアイスアリーナ
  参 加 費   1人2000円
  募集人数   16人(First arrival)
If you can set the eligibility day link to 7 pm 15 minutes(Strict observance)
Decision scheduled day team。42 is a plan to match the ~ 5 End of game。
How to apply, please apply by e-mail to Kawahara。Please send your name always。
Application April 29, 12 pm(Noon)- Registration starts(Shun the first)
(12E-mail is not valid that arrive at the previous time)
Deadline May 1(Friday)終日
We look forward to your participation(^∇^)