For JCA beginner curling School Niigata held

Coming April 18, 2015(Soil)From the 21st(Fire)To over、Curling school for beginners in the Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Curling Association sponsored will be held in Niigata City。

Lecturer is what Canada representative Caitlin Rose player of Sochi Olympic gold medalist! Women's curling charismatic Speaking of Canada representative、Strongest team led by Jennifer Jones。Also has won the silver medal in the recent World Championships in Sapporo。Rose players while team youngest、Top-notch players to play a third of this team。Get and guidance directly from the gold medalist、This is a unique opportunity。

This school isNo curling of experience beginnerSo you can attend anyone to experience from、We look forward to a lot of your application。If you believe I Do not want to start something from the new fiscal year、Why do not you come experience on this occasion。Also、If you overlook wearing a lot of knowledge and technology, even a little、Because I think that it is possible to further enjoy the school、Please join us in the normal experience Board of Niigata Association sponsored。


Lecturer profile

Special LecturerKaitlyn LawesCaitlin Rose

1988Year Winnipeg born。

2008Year World Junior Championships bronze medal。

2009Year World Junior Championship silver medal。

2010-11Join the team of Jennifer Jones from season。

2014Gold medal in the year 2014 Winter Olympics undefeated。

Position third

Kaitlyn Lawes Olympic Tour poster (1)


How to apply for JCA curling school is located in the lid as。

The application form to print than ①FAX ··· following held guidelines link、FAX transmission fill out。

② send mail ... following requirements seven items by e-mail。

● class (multiple selections are allowed)

Junior (small 4 to high school students) / beginner / experienced person

● Join Date and time band (multiple selections are allowed)

4Month 18 (Saturday) ① 10:00~13:30② 14:30~18:00

4March 19 (date) ① 10:00~13:30② 14:30~18:00

4March 20 (March) ① 19:00 ~ 21:00

4May 21 (fire) ① 19:00 ~ 21:00







[Registration destination]

Niigata Prefecture Curling Association secretariat Yubinbango945-1122 Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture Shindo 5318-1

TEL 0257-23-6891 FAX 0257-23-6886



Niigata Asahi Alex Ice Arena Yubinbango950-1141 Niigata, Niigata Prefecture Shumoku 257-17

TEL 025-288-1234 FAX 025-288-1230



3When we are up to our article on the moon 22 days、There was a point where confusing to How to Apply。We will correct it apologize。It should be noted、If you are the sign up already、You do not need to newly apply。

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