Association practice 2016.01.02

happy New Year。

It seems to have been done also New Year's Eve curling become events in the curling of Mecca。Envy is as long as。But、Our Niigata were also immediately starting from 2 days New Year。Year despite just opened、Participation of a lot of curlers、Thank you。And even rookie curler's who started from the end of last year、Full participation of 2 hours from this day。3It was digested to practice with eyes full of sheet。Young Niigata Prefecture Association of just awakening indeed、Is the prime growth now。This year I want to leap year。


The end is also the league、It is finally practice towards the middle championship from this day。Including this day、Normal Association practice three more times。In Linsen mood laden、Also it contains the nature and power to practice。Roar of much competitive BGM next to the main link(?)It was flying about。This time the men's 2 team from Niigata、They will participate in a total of three teams of women's 1 team。So that it is possible to exceed the previous year's results、I will do my best in everything。

I understand that every year、Central championship because of the marathon、To not match is our members schedule of、It is difficult to participate in quite the original of the original team、Niigata boys this time participation in a mixed team × 2。However、Only women's team will challenge the original team。To say Somehow、新潟で一番まとまっているチームはこのICE CUBEではないでしょうか。step by step、There is an impression that steadily climbed the stairs。meeting、Repeat the team practice、Always mutually exchanged words also during the match、Communication within the team is also down pat。This attitude、I want to apprentice。The men's team is also in the practice game of the day to Kechonkechon! As a fan of this team、I just hope with all means want to obtain a good result in championship。


Of course the annual event in the Niigata Prefecture Curling Association、Because I think that should also continue to plan a variety of events this year、Ideas and advice、Please send us regardless of outside the prefecture If you have opinions, etc.。

this year tooNiigata Curling Associationをよろしくお願いします