10May 11 association exercises

It was conducted in 17 people from 7:30 pm。

The first half of delivery、Sweeping practice、Second half of the mini-games。Reach even new shoes that you have ordered in the organization、It is a fun practice while try the feeling of comfort。

Accuracy and sweep force of currently challenge is delivery of Niigata curler。Anyway, I just want to reinforce this two。1 year career only to、Growth potential is enough。While Arekore trial and error was seen people much to address the individual challenges。near、It will appear as a sure result。

Women team is struggling in the mini-game。Women skip took the helm in both sheet。Shallower experience、While self-confidence is also not attached to the body、Appearance to tackle It was Tanomoshika'。Niigata women's team birth is also not far。Women's team also will be able to invite from outside the prefecture。It is expected size in Niigata women curlers!