10March 25 Practice Association

Afternoon 20 people than 7:30。Draw、Take delivery practice → mini-game 3-end。

Though even during the five to Nagano expedition、20Name also participants was a collection of。I little by little、Members has been increasing。I am very happy。If you go in this state、Daytime grass tournament does not have a dream。And that the competition population increase is、It will lead to the raise of Niigata curling。1Prefectures year can curling there are not many。future、Niigata will surely become a powerhouse Prefecture。

Fall League next month、Kashiwazaki Open、This Karuizawa tour and lots。If you participate in competitions and events、Better to the practice remains in Niigata、Each you Let's do our best have their own purpose。


on the other hand、But is Minebea cup, which was held in Nagano、5The name gave me my best round two days as the face of Niigata。Thank you for your hard work。The results、Was the # 5 join 12 teams。Considering the career、This result is probably the most good fight。Let's touting more and more all over the country the name of Niigata in the future in this vein。

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