10Month the 31st Halloween curling

Hello back002This weekHalloween Week。Preparation period was shorter despite、Also increased much than last year participants in fancy dress、Now fun practice。But it is a little difficult in other competitions like this to me、I This is also one of the curling of charm。High surprisingly level both in terms of content and、Until something like I think that is too good not to use only this day。Niigata curler、I'll do when to do。

League as "POSS × Nature's" 2 card of "team Kashiwazaki × AMG48"。POSS and the Nature of the game squeaker。Tie to the end until the final 6 End。Settlement is Tsukazu、Toka skip draw was also conducted to why the second round。And you can experience a numb scene、I think we became a good practice for both teams。on the other hand、Kashiwazaki the strength of the usual。Irresponsible、I want to put someone soil。

※写真をダウンロードできるようになりました。I did not notice until it is pointed out。I'm sorry···