Japan wheelchair curling training camp / Association practice 2017.12.02

2017 December 1,(gold)、2Day(Soil)Over the two days、We were allowed to help in December of training camp of Japan Wheelchair Curling Association。Still the competition population less、Moreover, it was able to receive and chose Niigata no dedicated facility as a training camp is、It is very thankfully for the development of Niigata curling。And、I am very pleased to have Tazusaware to Japan of curling spread。

In between tournament、It was also carried out experience Association of wheelchair curling by utilizing the vacant seat。It is one of the curling of the charm of that enjoyed along with the healthy subjects。

Heisei camp carried out the of this time in 30 years as a pre-tournament of the Japan Wheelchair Curling Championships to be held in Niigata、There was also a point to be improved because it is unfamiliar、Based on this experience、As in this tournament can be played comfortably is everyone to participate、I want to do my best to get to feel that it was good to do it in Niigata。participant、Your staff、Thank you very much。

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Training camp

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2Day(Soil)As usual Association practice was also done in the evening of。Thanks to this environment that can curling from morning till night。2017, which cut the remaining one month。Niigata Prefecture Curling Association、Also outright to do curling until the end of this year。

Even two people visiting survivors。Thank you!

And of course the league。AMG24 対 TICK-TACK。