11Month the 28th Association of practice

League 1 match postponed、Because who was also the team during the expedition、This week is the practice in only two sheet。That I learned in leadership training sessions in the previous week、Memory was to review the individual to fresh out。Strike while the iron is hot! is。I will go to forget Gradually over time。Taking advantage of the valuable experience that hard-earned、Firmly wearing in one of the now、Chaimashou to your stuff。Also、Man team spent a lot of time on the practice of the sweep that taught me。Also going to have to understand in your head、I actually to do and somehow ... strange movement。Body is not me moving so I think quite。Undaunted still、Show it has mastered a surely strong sweeping。

The second half of the women's team of high spirits and had made the uniforms is a men's team and the mini-games。What blame unity and be uniform has become even stronger、Play content was also felt like have evolved。This team、Really it is amazing。


This week my AMG48 as a corporate team、It debuted in was held "AHSC Cup business group against curling tournament" in Miyota。Top of first participation、But now also has uphill battle, such as Happenings、I pick off a brilliantly first victory even in such。Thanks to the people of the participants of you and tournament officials、Off ice also seems to have become the tournament participation was very fulfilling, including、So is it has decided already next year of participation。Your members、Thank you for your hard work。


Following 2015.12.01 postscript

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