11Month the 8th Association practice

Participants 6 people than 7:30 pm。

For in Kashiwazaki Open held、It became the practice of a small number。Can not quite for adults number usually、And each member will have a challenge today、I worked on slowly and carefully delivery。But it is also good to do in many、Sometimes it is good to do with the hilt the practice of my own。I think we were able to receive and grabbed something today。

In addition to the five members、Women's first experience Thankfully it came one person。By whichever swallow、You will be able to immediately slip without hack、It has been reached easily until the hog line from the hack。Negative、It often to the person who was the first to challenge、This person also did not know "and so difficult。"" I did not think that it is so tight competition。"Such as we received impressions。Gap of appearance and reality is greater competition。Asked to participate in the end to only two end it went mini game、Sweep also was able to get to experience a little bit。


11Enter the month、It is the climax season of winter sports。Skating festival is also held in Niigata City Asahi Alex Ice Arena、Curling of experience classroom was also carried out。Because I think that it is for those of members there is also often ask the help of the event、In that case, thank you all means for your cooperation。

Kashiwazaki Open、Would that you work hard。While praying the good fight、I would like to wait for the results report。