12Month the 12th Association of practice

PC120561Arena also completely Christmas mood。

PC120566Today came experience who is also 3 people。Now we'll do with everyone。

PC120557Really giants san joined the AMG。

"Nature's × ICE CUBE" is、Nature's wins over the soil fertility、"AMG48 × POSS" recent defeat of the uplink tone POSS is AMG。Both became Daiaji a game of making the big end in steel。While victory has decided to team Kashiwazaki、Nature and the team Barca won today、KITS is now in second place battle。AMG is also intense turnover of members、Still does not have a win。Next week the final round was strangely become the ranking round of the ICE CUBE。Ranking goes up one by far the ICE CUBE if you win。League the remaining 2 weeks。Let's exhausted out the force。(Be careful to cold。)

Page of the league



Year-end drinking party curling tournamentの参加者募集は20日までです。Please give me the application before you forget。

Application is、nop.curling@gmail.com ま で。