12Month the 19th Association of practice


PC190561Finally endgame also league。"KITS × POSS" is now a head-to-head as expected、The last shot was multiplied by the reversal of the final 6 end after the attack POSS is steel one point in the rainy day misunderstanding Banjikyusu。Lucky 2-position is determined tumbling is fourth win in KITS。POSS is 5 confirmed。

"AMG48 × ICE CUBE" In victory Niigata expectations of ladies team ICE CUBE。Also decided uniform appearance。What this day、ICE CUBE was interviewed of a certain TV station。It is cool。Niigata's first in next month's Central Championship、I high degree of attention because you participated as the only female team Niigata。If active in championship、It is sure to Niigata curling swells。Ganbare ~! Ah、Since also competed boys、Just in case。



PC190563Now often see the uniforms in Niigata。The strongest couple pair will participate from Niigata to Central Mixed Doubles Championship this month 22-23 days。応援してますよ!

League match