12Month the 26th Association of practice

PC260568Niigata league third stage the final round, "team Barca × Natures"。Nature's third place in landslide victory、Team Barca is now result in fourth place。Phase 3 is the end in this day。Thank you for all games incandescent Battle。However、Undefeated team Kashiwazaki other than the team that played two consecutive in victory、Not deny taller than a sense of acorn。What feeling that you can not cut through the still veteran team。It is next year what want in the year of leap for Niigata team。PC260561

League Result4th place time ※ is currently undetermined。

The day will continue in the last week、UX-san has been coming to the coverage of ICE CUBE。Stick to your team much of the staff、I was taking a picture of the practice。How would have been the practice in the different again tension is the game。This pattern is next year January 18,(月)"Super J Niigata" 6 pm:15It will be broadcast in the prefecture news from。




Is currently being held, "All Japan Figure Skating Championships" in Hokkaido。Also competed always people of the players practicing in the next to the main link。Let's cheer with everyone because there is also a TV broadcast。PC260563


Exit the Association practice of the year in this day。Also thank you for a year this year。Rise also their level compared to last year、I think we were able to enjoy more of the curling。I hope you can be fun to play with everyone next year。The next practice is early next year of1May 2(Soil)It is from。

Monthly curling NovemberSale (laughs)