12May 27 association exercises

Afternoon 22 people from 8 pm。In spite to the busy end of the year、Most of the people were who participated。The last practice round out this year、Mini-games from the annual delivery practice。And、Championship participants set to the forthcoming next month is the practice in a different menu。Off one month after、For the rest of the number of times the practice became less、We do not have another idea to adjust。A large game of the season No. 1、Us come to fighting on behalf of the county。Let's cheer at all。

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About one year to start the practice in Niigata City、Or members of you would have been able to achieve their goals。Do you have can be overcome day-to-day challenges。Much level up in the past year、I think that was not entertaining curling。I was able to continue its activities in Niigata City, one year everyone thanks。Thank you very much。Activities will start in more and more formal new team from next month。People that have already formed a team、I think some people not decided yet of his team、Turn off the start toward the new target, respectively。Let's take a future boost the Niigata curling。