Association practice 2019.02.16

2The 36th Zenno Nippon Curling Championship, which started on March 11, is over。Consadole、Chubu Electric Power、congratulations。Next World Championship、The Niigata Prefectural Association will do their best to support both teams.。Please make a big success on the world stage。新潟県協会がついてますよ!(笑)

カーリングも人気が出てきたことで、Matches were being relayed every day of the week。Besides, it's golden time! With YouTube、I think there are many people who are full with curling。Association practice was held on Saturday night。The qualifying was finally over in the daytime game,、Everyone will participate in the practice by making a recording reservation for the first playoff game.。

さらに今週からはカナダで世界ジュニアカーリング選手権が始まります。This is another belly。Gambare、チームジャパン!


この日のリーグ戦に参加したニューラグーン。You made a team cap。Everyone looks good。

In contrast to the individual participation team。We have a lot of unique members。