2Month the 7th club practice

8 pm participants 24 people than at。Today we join one person from Toyama Prefecture Association's、Thank you very much。In this way it can interact with neighboring prefectures is that happy。Will come the day when the expedition either from Niigata to Toyama。When will thank the。

Recent practice will really feel like are substantial。Also previously delivery practice was "Only throw single-mindedly"、Each now have doing with each of the challenges。Also in consideration of the line up and wait in the practice of takeout、Each one has become a practice that is meaningful。Attendance rate of weekly also high、Everyone in the hard、Curling is the impression that love is gathered。

The league will start from next week。Currently participating teams, but is 6 team、I think we will increase the future more。It will be in the future, which slide into activities on the basis of this team in the foreign game。Through the league、Let's polish teamwork。