Association practice 2016.01.16 (with postscript)

1452987985202Taste of the sum drifting wooden glider、it's very beautiful。In fact, this、It is handmade boss。There is chamfered to a fine place、We have elaborate。1452987985437There is on the back side mounting also of slippery plastic parts、There is no favorably compared with those manufacturers are selling。Indeed boss、It has a good arm。20160117093954It will also be in slippers hanging。(Slippers is already washing)1452987985601And here it is prefabricated of glider。Height is so can be adjusted to eight by a whopping assembly how。This is Toka's what previous Kanagawa Prefecture Association's has been devised。1452987985078Bottom is like。1452987984959With or thought for the experience person be nice a good idea to provide some of these things。However、Nante would make up such a thing、It is a passionate person who often I curler。


Alright、22nd Chubu Curling Championships before、It is the last of the Association of practice。After all, the competition before the tension ↑。Everyone is burning。Answering sets of members hung on it also contains a yell、It was concentrated practice。Championship、Expected to be is likely to。I will keep you Yarakashi something surely。

20160116_220825Also gathered for each nature and the team after practice、Seriously meeting。We Minagi' motivated。

The combination of the qualifying league is ↓。Big name in any of the league! 3 team also do your best to Dashikireru forces。Congress 21 days(Wood)From。Since it seems that there is also a USTREAM relay、Let's cheer with everyone。

Qualifying league table

Playoff table

timetable※ 1 May 18 (Monday) 6 pm:15UX from "Super J Niigata"so、Pattern of practice of my ICE CUBE will be broadcast。Click here Do not miss。


N cameraman is from the write-once ***************************************

Ahead of the Central championship later this week、Participating members also heat goes into practice。Rehearsal 1

Assuming the game、It is the practice of the competition format in the men's team and women's team。
Rehearsal 2

Even members that do not compete in the tournament、It is the practice of individual practice and competition format。Practice landscape 3

Finals members
Although not reflected in the absence by one person business trip
Men's 2 team、Women's 1 team、We participated in a total of three teams。
Finals members

Niigata Women's team
Niigata women's team of blue-violet uniform。
We expect the success of the match,。Niigata Women's team

Niigata Men's A
It participated in a new white uniforms。
Also expect success in other than the game (laughs)Niigata Men's A