Association practice 2016.01.09


Because night has less number of Arena Staff、After practice will help us also clean up of Stone。Everyone Thank always thank you。

On this day there are many members and steep absentee in the expedition to Karuizawa、It became a little lonely practice。Still 15 people, including the rookie's。Compared to the first time、You realize that again Do not have increased number of people。Also it is scheduled to new experiences who's coming this month。Also further expand the circle of curling this year。

Winter between is doing the experience Exhibition & practice meeting in Kashiwazaki Aqua Park。Introducing because I received the report today。


1January 7(Wood)It isKashiwazakiでも協会練習がありました
Curling classroom has been opened in Thursday's 19 o'clock 30 minutes to the Kashiwazaki-Aqua Park every week。
K Pond's is the association secretariat to serve the instructor role。
Also help the classroom management as a lecturer auxiliary part of the Association members。

Classroom Association practice from 20:30 ended have been made。
In addition to the Kashiwazaki resident Association Member of、カーリング教室の生徒さんも引き続き

Also always of one side suffer from Niigata sheet and the different ice conditions。
The members before the Karuizawa Open tournament、
Not out "usual tone。大会前に悪いイメージが残ってしまいそうだ・・」
いえいえ、Not to like can respond to all of the ice and the upper does not aim(Lol)。

Association practice in Kashiwazaki, but is irregular held、
Please carry all means foot if you are interested。

 (問い合わせ先 → 柏崎アクアパークWebサイト







青森県庁カーリング部物語で新潟の記事を掲載して下さいました。Thank you!