3Month the 14th Association of practice

Afternoon 23 participants from 8 pm。

Longer basic training than this day always。I was doing a menu ingenuity in each sheet。Not just than it does a menu、It is important to do to understand the meaning and purpose。Also in the decomposition practice and mini-games、Also have different fast you get to learn by doing while thinking。So good, even one that was standing in every practice、Let's do our best to be able to learn of the new discoveries and technology。Each one of the stack、It will lead surely to big growth。

Season is soon to end、Tournament will be held in other prefectures even after spring。A high-level play to watch live is、It will help greatly to their own growth。Join us to aggressively tournament outside the prefecture in the future。

※ just now、It is a daily broadcast in the World Women's Curling Championships in BS1。