3Month the 21st Niigata League Section 4

Two games from 8 pm because of the experience meetings、It became a place of one game than 9 pm。

As early as the first phase, which was the only leave the final clause、KITS but is lead by the difference between the win just one、2In a side-by-side from place to fifth place、Than on the numbers there are still possibilities of victory until the Muikamachi of 5。Not only the order in each team、Let's work on the final clause toward each target。

It should be noted、Joined newly 1 team from the next league match、A total of 7 will be held in a team。Since that can not be financed in the 3 seat for the、Saturday doubleheader、Or is being considered Sunday held。

Smooth the game is in progress Thanks for your cooperation recently。End number in many of the games have become so good command of up to 6 End。And participate in outside the prefecture tournament、And go their own practice in the individual and team、Niigata of you is the impression that each is serious about aggressive。In many outside the prefecture tournament next season、I think we will be more than one of Niigata team to compete。I look forward from now。

※ The next league match last clause、4Since you can not use the moon four days because of the figure competition will be April 18。

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