3Month the 7th Niigata League Section 3

Than 20:00、26 people registered members almost all have been made to participate。

By the defeat of the KITS, which stood on the top in the early stages、The top four teams has become as well at once large melee with 2 wins and 1 loss。In SUBERU until the Ladies won distance of 5 place in the star one difference、The importance of the remaining two sections have become increasingly。For short-term decisive battle、It seems that order is replaced violently every week。Every team you pray the good fight to the end。

It should be noted、4For the month the first week of the figure competition held、Since the final Section 5 will be April 18、Please be careful。

Niigata league

(↓)六日町、We now have a regular member。Everyone、以後よろしく!