4Month the 11th Niigata league first phase final section

To hold a curling school on April 18th next week、1It was held earlier than the week。Due to a sudden schedule change、We apologize for the inconvenience caused by vacancies in each team.、Thanks to everyone's cooperation, we managed to implement it.。Thank you very much。

The entire schedule for the first phase of the Niigata League ends this week。The result was a big melee with four teams lining up in the lead with winning stars.。Probably there is no difference in level overall、It seems that every team will have a chance to win the next season and beyond.。If you look at it differently、There is also a concern that the level has not risen overall。It is important to practice with a clear purpose、I think it is necessary to consider future practice content in order to aim for reliable technical improvement.。Utilizing the opportunities for exchanging opinions such as study sessions and questionnaires that we are currently working on、Let's aim to step up by trial and error with everyone in the future。

This is the end of the first term、5The second term will continue from the month。Two new teams are considering forming in the second term、A total of 7 will be held in a team。

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