620 days a month Association practice


Since this week is nine to Yamabiko cup of Okaya is in expedition、2It became the practice by 13 people in the sheet。Mini-games usually after practice。For members that entry to the next month of the Mixed Doubles tournament、In one of the seat performs a game of Mixed Doubles (experience?) Directly below。While struggling to differences in rules and tactics、It has somehow appearance is well-equipped to end。Please come to work hard as a pioneer of Niigata Mixed Doubles。

Thankfully、All the way is you alone from Fukuoka Prefecture Association's kindly participated in practice today。A person who is also a lot of knowledge、It will be lot of study even during practice、Thank you very much。I am very happy that the lead is popular with all over the country。Also I would like to wish all means come if there is an opportunity。And listen to the story、The number of members in Fukuoka、Practice environment、It appears to have been very hard。The difficulty of continuing the curling has been transmitted in western Japan。In its also to some extent of the number of people in Niigata、365Day can be used there is also a facility、Niigata curler was felt that very blessed。Thanks to this environment、Let's driving to practice in the future。