6Month the 27th Association of practice


This week we have to join one person from Yamagata Prefecture。Following last week、Be-held towards the connection of other prefectures doing this is that I'm really happy。Also your participation from other prefectures future are welcome。We look forward to again your participation! Thank you very much。

Today's league two games。Change the match card for various reasons, "team Barca versus Nature"、It gave a second card of "KITS pair AMG48"。And practice participants decreased recently here、There is often also not Konase the game case to schedule the number of participants lack the league also by the convenience of the members。Discuss in the opposing team with each other to adjust the schedule、Thank you for your cooperation so that it can digest the game until the last。

Now、Delivery of five members in the practice sheet、sweep、Made a practice while rotation of each position of the skip。Some people do not have a skip is usually、It was a good opportunity to study that instruct。To try to stand in the position of each position、It is very important in a team competition。

7January 4(Soil)~5(Day)"Kanto Chubu Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2015" will be held in Karuizawa Ice Park。2 people as "ICE CUBE Niigata" is played from Niigata。2018Mixed Doubles curling became an official event than a year the Winter Olympics。Since the pattern of the tournament is likely to be delivered even facebook or Ustream of Nagano Prefecture Association、Let's cheer with everyone。


Niigata league

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