7Month the 11th Association of practice


Today's league two games of the "team Kashiwazaki × team Barca" and "SUBERU Ladies × Muikamachi"。today、Usually also the face of the person who can not participate too much here and there。It became a lively and heated game。Muikamachi to catch up in the last end also、Narrowly defeated in skip draw in everyone watch、First win is carry-over。次回ガンバレ!

on the other hand、Crazy Eights from the draw shot is a practice sheet。Eight after the draw shot into the House、8All in the projection is the practice Takeout。Or take would be another breath。It will remain some absolutely。Not a flat sheet(Lol)In the reading of the line is difficult、It is not good enough accuracy without having to go to the course that I think quite。Such as the draw shot 8-throw all fall within the House for、Ukagaemasu everyone of growth。

Now summer production。Because there are many places that are in the off-season in other prefectures、Let's spread the difference between the other prefectures in this period! Disagreeable、Let's shrink!(^^;