7Month the 25th Association of practice


"Nature's × KITS" is Nature's the victory of the center seat。We enter the second half of the season also League、The Nature and the team stable strength of Kashiwazaki has been a 2 strong battle to exert。

"AMG48 × Muikamachi" of the north side sheet Muikamachi was in the lead until the end is caught up in large runs of the final end last minute、Skip draw of the rainy day 2 consecutive games。Compelling do you like to SD。The results、It played a spectacular last revenge、We get the first victory。congratulations。on the other hand、The AMG48 losing does not have yet Kachiboshi four-game losing streak。This team is intense and out of the members due to circumstances、There is a growth hard to one side as a team。However、Members many young、Since I think the potential is high、I think that it is a team that can be expected in the future。

This week Ya people over 10 people experience person、There are also those who came from outside the prefecture、Thank you very much。However、It will exceed the allowable range of the number of seats、It can not be asked to participate in the Association Member, including satisfaction、Many of the inconvenience sorry will want to apologize to the people。There are still problems with the current management and operation method、We would like to improve in the future。

Although in recent years has been to bring most of the association members of it is shoes and Maiburashi、It seems still there is a variety of items。→Aomori Prefectural Government curling unit's site