8Month the 7th league, the 8th Association practice

P8070435P8070436P8080466P8080467P8080464League of 7 days two games of the "team Kashiwazaki vs Nature", "team Barca vs KITS"。Strongest confrontation of attention is still the team Kashiwazaki victory over the soil fertility。Although it tangled up late、The final end、Last shot was aimed at the reversal of the Nature of the rear attack is、Why take out your stone。Only one Stone 4 of the team Kashiwazaki remains in the house、Not reversed。

The next day of league, "team Kashiwazaki vs AMG48" and "team Barca vs SUBERU Ladies"。Again team Kashiwazaki is struggling、It managed to win but was forced to skip draw、Undefeated and at the same time protect the lead in、1Leaving the game decided the winner of this year。Although the previous reputation as、Per keep winning persistently while not out tone、It is truly the word。But team Kashiwazaki member says、That of the level of Niigata curler is raised to ensure。Curling activities Only this year, which has entered a second year、This is where you want to expect this team defeat the birth of Niigata team。

on the other hand、Practice of mainly line out in practice sheet。Also buggers curler responsible for the future of Niigata、Hard I practiced。Also、Today, we had one person join us from Morioka。thank you very much。Everyone outside the prefecture curler、Please join us in all means practice is when you come to Niigata。