801 Month Association practice


Hotseat summer in Niigata、Many hot day than last month、Humidity also followed a high day。Perhaps because of、Also influence has come out in the arena of the sub-link than last month。High ice surface temperature、In a state where the pebble will run out soon、I think you also what is struggling to weight control and sweeping to play。In this week's practice、At last we have fallen into a situation that the ice is not solidify。But before practice we have a work to flatten the ice and water spray every time、This day has a high temperature of ice、Was a situation that no Turning to the next task without frozen forever。as a result、Significantly delayed practice start、To further ice did not be finished to a level that can withstand the practice、It was the result of the end inevitably in the middle。The league is also postponed。We apologize the inconvenience to everyone who participated。But is limited to a range that can we、We would like also efforts to improve the practice environment future。