8Month the 15th Association of practice


Today also we had two people join us from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Association's。Thank you。Interaction with people of other prefectures is、It will also be very exciting for us。I hope to work with you in the future。

The league has given the victory inspired the Muikamachi in "Nature vs Muikamachi"。For members of the Muikamachi is、You should have a lot of confidence towards the tournament。"SUBERU Ladies vs KITS" The great difference unexpected in a Aya deployment。If any team does not bring in the good of shape、There is one side to turn out this way,。In each team assess the weakness of its own team、Let's reinforced。

The league also became only leave the final clause。Although already won is decided、So that the future of sustenance、Until the end Let's fight firmly。Next league game is scheduled in September。It seems there is also a team that is considering a reorganization。Management methods even while adjusting little by little、Because we want to continue to better tournament、I hope to work with you in the future。

It should be noted、Application of September Mixed Doubles tournament has begun。Is the pre-application current 2 pair from Niigata。To be able to participate in more of the pair、It is nice to meet you。