8Month the 29th Association of practice

This week we had come to the people of the young survivors。Thank you。I hope you Could feel the fun of curling even a little。By all means we must also participate。

Also the league ends、This time, we practice at all。The theme is "raise shot"。It might be shot still too early to。When the line and the weight does not suit somewhere south、Difficult shot that does not quite succeed。When you're comfortable with this、I think a significant level。But it was resolutely challenge、Sure enough it was much lower success rate。Mostly through、Or worse extruded to the outside of the house If you think or hit was the、Or become freeze also not aimed at、End it off or ended up in the way a guard ...。However、Just because it has a low success rate、I think in large it has come to be considered as one of the choices。We would like to continue working with the aim on the further in the future。

Become a September from next week、Season is also in full swing。League match、Outside the prefecture tournament participation、And in the autumn open tournament in Niigata、It is lots and leadership training sessions。Let's further substantial season than last year。