9Month the 5th Association of practice


This is the first practice this month became the Season Inn。This week we will join one person from Yamagata Prefecture Association's、Thank you very much。It performs a variety of shots together、It became a full practice。Many places that can not be year-round curling in other prefectures、There is also a place where the time has not yet Season Inn。I think I want to take advantage of all means Niigata, such as also the off-season the future。

League third period starts from the current fiscal year、This week a "team Barca × AMG48" two games of the "KITS × Nature"。In the "KITS × Nature"、Completely changed the mood of the middle of the game。That so much result in one flow changes、I felt the horror of curling。

just now、In Niigata Prefecture, the association is now looking for the participating teams of the "first time Niigata Open curling tournament" to be held on October 17-18 days。It asked not outside the prefecture、We look forward to your application。