BSN フ ェ ス テ ィ バ ル

3March 5(Day)、5th BSN Festival was held。We Niigata Prefecture Curling Association was also happy to help you experience classroom。1There is no quite opportunity I want to try every time、Curling, which has been said to be。It was Irasshaimasu many that are visited by curious。

Ready to exercise。

Align the size of the slider。

It deals the brush。

On Ice。

From practice to walk First After riding on the ice。

3It divided into One of the group。

The first is people struggling just slip。

It will be gliding smoothly gradually accustomed。

You will also learn ways of release。「必ず回転をかけて」

想像以上に疲れるスイーピングの練習。after this、Many people will take off the jacket。

Everyone、Immediately progress。

Everyone who participated this time、Thank you very much。It was only even people struggling first walk、The last was able to enjoy at all until the mini-games。It was nice to be able to hear a lot of voices that "It was fun," "I want to also do."。

Or more of the people who are enjoying a curling half is the people who started in the 30's 40's in Niigata。Although this time of the classroom experience is junior high school students there were many from elementary school、Curling is a sport that can do anything-year-old。We at any time accept the experience classroom in Niigata Prefecture Curling Association。In your couple、Parents and children、Please feel free to contact us at and of course you alone。Please contact me at any time also those who participated this time thought, "or want to do."。Also let's do together。

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