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Information on JCA athlete registration application

We have already sent an email to all members of the Niigata Prefectural Association. 、If you would like to register as a competitor of the Japan Curling Association next year、Please fill out the application form below、Please apply by email to the Niigata Curling Association Secretariat (。In that case,、Please transfer the Japan Curling Association athlete registration fee to the designated account。 JCA athlete registration fee (annual amount) General 1 person 6,000 yen High school students and above 1 person 3,000 yen Junior high school students and below 500 yen 1 person ● Athletes registration application (application form):pdf / Excel) [Transfer destination] Daishi Bank Toriyano Branch Ordinary account Account number 1348022 Niigata Curling Association Secretariat (For transfer fees、We apologize for the inconvenience, but please bear the burden of the member.)、 Regarding the registration fee of the Niigata Prefectural Association for the second year of Reiwa、We will contact you as soon as the details are decided.。 above... Read More →

Announcement of the Association of practice canceled

In view of the administrative contact or the like from the Sports Agency as spread of infection prevention measures of the new coronavirus infection、For a while in our association、It has decided to suspend all activities of the beginning and the Association main Saturday Association of practice。Deadline principle March 15(Soil)But you have to、It may be changed or extended。 You apologize a great deal of inconvenience to everyone of the parties it becomes a sudden your report、With say sorry to take this opportunity、Thank you for your understanding and cooperation。 2020.03.13Addendum: The suspension period for practicing the association will be extended (indefinitely).。... Read More →

NCA is、We are looking for sponsors

Of the companyAnd PR advertising and publicityPlease consider as a part of CSR (social contribution activities of companies)。
Advertising fees and goods you provide will let me used for public business (activity) in the Association。For more information、Please contact our association


But the 70-year-old OKIt is。40 years old、50 years old is not uncommon。Would you like to practice together and participate in the tournament?
Check the schedule、Please come visit us! !!
Of courseParticipation in OKIt is。
Veterans (70s) to young people (teens) are members。
You can wear it everyday、In the warm season, such as training wearExercise。Windbreakers and ski suits are recommended in the cold season。
There are also special ones, but work gloves、For golfHandbagsPlease bring
Regardless of the form、If it's a fun scoring game without going where you want itWith a little practice canIt looks like the。
Of course、「Ice chess"And from the sport said.At the back is very deepIt is

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