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Association practice 2019.09.07

Basketball W Cup、Tennis National OP、And soon Rugby W Cup、World Championships in Athletics。Everyone、Do you enjoy the fall sports? And curling also finally season rush。The battle for the championship will continue to gradually started in many parts。 Niigata City, which became a long time of intense heat、1Part is the number of participants to fill the second seat from the practice。     Shot practice to set the situation in the central seat。Everyone of mutual understanding is important。     Take-out tournament is divided into two teams on the bench side of the seat。One of the team is arranged as you like of the eight stone、Compete how many can take in the projected number of the opposing team was determined。In practice this day、The strongest of the arrangement method I have found。             This week of the league race Junior。In teamwork preeminent、Carefree play。       対するは大人チームの New... Read More →

Association practice 2019.08.31

For competition of the day figure next to the main link is being held、Practice only Part 2。Since the performance of the contestants is extended、A little late practice start than usual! I had entered a lot of audience。Indeed、It is a popular sport。   so、It began Association practice。This week is a little lonely Me。1Held only in a sheet。 Also there that the number of people is less、You could throw a lot。 Silently throw people alone、People who throw with a sweeper、People sweeping yourself、Their will to practice their own way。     Once the bout throwing、Second half of the mini-games。First team classification。The strict selection method、Divide the members so that the team force is neck and neck。 Adults and children both beginners and veteran、Everyone will play together。It is still the game is fun。... Read More →

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But the 70-year-old OKIt is。40歳50歳は珍しくありません一緒に練習して大会に出場しませんか?
Of courseParticipation in OKIt is。
普段着でも構いませんが暖かい季節なら  トレーニングウェアなどのExercise寒い季節ならウィンドブレーカーやスキーウエアがおすすめです
専用ものもありますが軍手ゴルフ用のHandbagsPlease bring
フォームも関係なく狙ったところに行かなくても楽しい点取りゲームならWith a little practice canIt looks like the。
Of course、「Ice chess"And from the sport said.At the back is very deepIt is

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