JCA curling School (Niigata) Exit。4Days Thank you。

Sochi Olympic gold medalist of Canada representative Caitlin Rose's and coach of Cindy McPhee Slaughters's、Japan Curling Association JCA curling school Niigata held that have been made to welcome guidance popular chairman of the Nagao Tsuchiya to lecturer、It ended in a great success。

The number of participants, a total of 150 people or more、Below is from the 10-year-old top is up to 72 years of age、Well indeed people Niigata city a wide range of ages、Nagano、Tokyo、Fukushima、Please many join us from outside the prefecture, such as Toyama。In addition many members of the media professionals、It was carried out in a very lively。

At School、First to warm up at all。after that、Guidance was made in groups of beginners and experienced。Beginning from the practice of movement on ice in the beginner class、Using the brush、It went a step-by-step, such as pitching method。Even though it was the first time experience the curling、At the end of about 3 hours of lessons had been progress in enough to be a mini-game。Many people seems to me to enjoy this event with a smile。

on the other hand、Everyone of experience class is trying to Ikaso a once-in-a-lifetime this opportunity、The appearance that questions or listening was impressive in very lecturer of the story in a serious look。

And everyone of lecturer、In spite a long period of time in a long period of time of schedule、Very kind and was carefully explained every day Kudasari、We should be teaching very finely to individual。

Or pick up a gold medal that Caitlin Rose's was brought in after the lessons end、And or a get or commemorative photo to sign、We were allowed to spend a very valuable time。

All participants、It seems to have enjoyed this irreplaceable time。

This 4 days、It was every day like a dream。after this、I think that the rise also Nagano held。(Commune)Japan Curling Association Introduction、All of the members of the parties who are involved in the realization of this event、And everyone that had you participate、I'm really thankful to you。I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart。We hope that such a project can be realized again、We would also like Yuki is working to spread further curling competition。